Offsite 2018

Langkawi / Kuala-Lumpur (14 November – 18 November 2018)

2018 had been a wonderful business year for Healthcare interAction and as a “Thank you” gesture, our management planned an annual retreat like previous years. Team India got super excited and after lot of deliberation and multiple across SEA discussions, the team finalised Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi in Malaysia. Without much ado, tickets were booked, and activities were planned. We all travelled from 14 Nov – 18 Nov 2018.

The plan was to travel from New Delhi to Kuala-Lumpur (KL) and spend the whole day at KL, visit all the scenic spots. We were efficient in using those 9 hours to roam around the beautiful city & its tourist attractions. We went to the famous Petronas towers, the mosque and Batu caves. Batu caves was an interesting place to visit as it also hosts another cave which is one of the oldest in the world for geologist and rare breeds of insects and monkeys.

After KL, we started for the amazing Langkawi. Langkawi tour was fully planned with interesting activities like Island hoping, Cable car riding, Mangroves KILIM Geo-forest visit.

Our first trip was island hopping and watching the famous Langkawi eagles swooping down to get their food in the bay area. We swam in Bay of Bengal & visited the famous Island of Pregnant maiden. Cable car ride was thrilling as we reached at top of Machinchang mountain and walked around the longest free span bridge of the world – The Langkawi sky bridge. Even though we were exhausted, the team didn’t miss a chance to hop onto the nearest 3-D museum to click a lot of snaps. The day was well concluded with an amazing party back at the hotel.

The next day was supposed to be the shopping day & the day started with coffee-tasting. By this time, we had started to open up and turned out that no-one wanted to shop. Hence it was decided to go for water-sports. Paragliding & Jet-skies were tried and loved. Mangrove forests were the final attraction to the trip & the best part. Bat-cave, Crocodile cave, floating restaurants, Kilim river boating & of-course, the Bollywood music were the major highlights. It was beautiful & loved by all. The evening was concluded with the final supper – The authentic Malay food.

Overall, it was FUNtastic with continuous laughing, crooning the Bollywood music, partying, swimming in the pool, sight-seeing & awesome food.

We bonded well over drinks. We laughed our heart out over stupid jokes. We photo-bombed each other. We helped each other finding the perfect souvenir. We motivated non-swimmers to come and join in the swimming pool. Non-swimmers trusted the swimmers-mate and even jumped into the ocean. We co-ordinated well, while adjusting the luggage weights of each-other. We didn’t sleep for 3 nights but everyone was energized and smiling when we landed back at IGI Airport, Delhi at 10.30 PM. I believe, the purpose of the trip was well achieved.

Essential Learnings of the trip:

  • Never mind with beach-side tanning & dark circles under eyes. Accept the fact that no sunscreen in the world can help you.
  • Swimming lessons are highly over-rated. One can easily swim with a life-jacket in a 4 feet swimming pool.
  • With Bollywood music, you can lose the rhythm, forget the lyrics or even brutally murder its soul with the terrible voice but it will still be the best fun.
  • Monkeys like almost everything you are carrying; be it water bottles, cold-drinks, cosmetics, purse or a bag. It’s not just anatomy, even human’s materialistic instincts are evolved from them.
  • If you don’t sleep for 3 nights in a row, you start to look like a zombie. Probably, an idea for next year Halloween if one is short on make-up budget.